Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Project 1 - DPM (sem Jul - Nov 2014)

Project Title: “Collage Art”

In this project, student is required to produce propaganda poster. You can choose either one of the following title:

  1. Stop Smoking
  2. Stop War
  3. Jom Solat

All the contents must be based on the title that you choose. The most important element in this project is all the information must be deliver to the audience accurately and creatively.

Skills require:

  • Cutting and composition (minimum 3 images).
  • Image editing (Curves, Level, and Photo Retouching Techniques).
  • Basic photo editing.
  • Storyline.
  • Layer control and blending mode.
  • Text control.
  • Basic effect.


  • A3 size (use template.psd).
  • Matte Printing.
  • All the original images must be print in A4 size and attach with the main poster.


  • Week 11, Friday
  • Hardcopy (must get the lecturer approval before printing)

"Print the all original image in one A4 size paper"

"Main poster A3 Size and MATTE printing.... use template.psd"